• Pro= AA
  • Expert = A
  • Amateur = B
  • Novice = C
Pro AA
100cc – 200cc C
124cc – 250cc A B C
251cc – Open   A B C
Vet 30+   A B C
Senior 40+   A B C
Super Senior 50+       A B C
Super Sixty 60+       C
Sportsman       C
Women       C
Iron Man Mini
0-125cc 16 year old and under small wheel (Under 21 inch front wheel) full course Experienced mini riders only
 Team  AA  A  B  C
50cc 4-6 year old mini (Short Course)
50cc 7-10 year old mini (Short Course)
65cc mini (Short Course)
100cc Mini 7-12 year old (Short course) 


100cc Mini 13-16 year old (Short course)

Background and number colors (requested but not required)

Pro Motorcycle Blue Yellow
Expert Red White
Amateur Yellow Black
Novice Black White

You can request a number by emailing us at  Numbers can be reserved from Feb 1st – December 31st.   Racers who had a number and raced in the prior season can reserve their prior season number for the upcoming season.  After December 31st that all numbers are up for grabs.

Pro, A and B classes will race for 2 hours based on the leader.

C classes will race for 1 hour 15 minutes based on the leader.

Sportsman Class is for all ability levels but will only race during the 1 hour and 15 minute novice class race.  This class will not have trophies or pay out points for the year end awards.  This class is meant to allow anyone with a higher riding ability to race for 1 hour 15 minutes and not the 2 hour race.

The Pro 2 class (Semi Pro) will be a non pay back (money) class.  This class will be a open displacement class and riders will be able to ride any bike of their choice.

Team Class Rules:

  • You can have up to 3 team members
  • Each person must have their own transponder
  • You don’t have to ride the same bike.
  • You must transfer a object of Webe’s (to be determined) between riders in the pit area
  • You can only run one lap at a time.  One rider will not be allowed to run multiple laps in a row.
  • 2 hour race
  • $40 per person

Classes offered for the team class:

  • Pro Team
  • A Team (Expert)
  • B Team (Amateur)
  • C Team (Novice)

You will always run the class of the highest level rider with only the following exceptions:

These rules apply only if there are only two team members.  If you have three team members you must run the highest level riders class.

Pro rider and a C rider will run the A team class

A rider with a C rider can enter the B team class.