WeBe Racing Rule Book

Race Rules

It is the Entrants', Riders', and Spectators' Full Responsibility to meet ALL WeBe Racing LLC RULES AND REGULATIONS.

The following list of rules is only a guideline used by WeBe Racing LLC. This list is not meant to imply that these are the only rules at a race event. All rules and infractions are subject to the discretion of the race promoters/directors. 

  • If you are on a bike ANYWHERE but the track you must be IN FIRST GEAR IDLE
  • If your ASSIGNED race number is not CLEARLY marked on ALL 3 SIDES of your bike, you will not be allowed to start the race. The race will not be held back for you.
  • Each Rider must have a unique number on their bike. Check with Sign Up to see what numbers are available. You MUST race with your assigned number.
  • Electric Starters ARE allowed, but may not be used to "spin"  the engine with the kill switch on as you wait for the green flag.
  • Riders are NOT allowed to carry gas ANYWHERE except inside their machine's gas tank.
  • NO PASSING is allowed in the SCORING CHUTE (unless a rider goes down). Do NOT ride aggressively while in the clearly marked Scoring Lane.
  • Riders are HEAVILY ENCOURAGED to Arrive 15 Minutes before the Start of their race. WeBe will NOT hold back your race if you are not ready.
  • Team Races are 2 hours (based on the leader). You may have 2 or 3 members per team, you MUST transfer your armband in the pit area, each rider may only ride ONE LAP in a row, and the cost is $40/member
  • Trophies will be handed out on-site, after a 30-minute protest period following the END of the race has passed AND ALL Protests have been resolved.
  • If you suspect or see track cutting, notify track crew ASAP.
  • Sweep Crew will be wearing Orange/Yellow/Bright Vests, they will make every attempt to not effect the race in any way, but at times the Crew may need to help in an emergency situation
  • Stay Out of Medics Way, Safety is more important than any race
  • To Appeal a race or points situation, please contact the race director and submit IN WRITING (to info@weberacing.com) within 48 hours of the completion of the race and include the reason and details of your request. Trophies cannot be corrected after the protest period has been resolved, but results can be changed if request is submitted within the 48 hour window and deemed to be correct.
  • These Rules can be changed or amended at Discretion of Race Promoters/Directors at any time
  • Failure to follow ALL WeBe Racing Rules can result in immediate removal from the premises.

Class / Sign Up Rules

  • The Age that you WERE AS OF THE FIRST EVENT OF THAT SEASON is the Age that you can race that season. 
  • If you begin a season in a certain age group, and age out of that group during the same season, you will be allowed to finish that season in the original class. You MUST move up the following season.
  • Classes are as Follows
    • AA - Pro
    • A - Expert
    • B - Amateur
    • C - Novice
  • You must race the same Classes Across ALL Different Series (if you race A in CORCS, you MUST race A with WeBe).
  • Sign Up Times will be posted online for each race, Allow yourself enough time to wait in line if necessary. Do NOT wait until the last minute. 
  • After each race FINISHES, there will be a 30-minute protest period (beginning AFTER the LAST rider crosses the line in your class)
  • If any protests arise DURING THOSE 30 MINUTES ... Trophies will not be handed out until the protests are resolved. 
  • Contact us up to 2 days after the event to correct any mistakes in scoring.
  • HOWEVER, We can fix results up to 2 days later , but Trophies can’t be corrected at that time. 
  • A WeBe Membership is required to race any non-cosanctioned Webe event.
    • (RMEC Racers DO NOT REQUIRE a WeBe Membership to race RMEC Co-Sanctioned events only)
  • WeBe Memberships can be purchased for the weekend ($10) or the remaining season ($40 full track, $20 short track)
  • Season Memberships include 1 moto-tally transponder (required for scoring purposes) OR transponders can be purchased for $5.
  • RMEC-only classes are ONLY available during Co-Sanctioned events, No WeBe Points
  • Riders placing in Year-End-Overall TOP TEN will be required to race in the Pro (or RMEC Semi-Pro) class for a minimum of 2 years. If a rider does not place top ten for year-end standings for 2 years, they will be allowed to move down to the Expert(A) Class.
  • Riders may Move UP to a higher class level (i.e. Up from B to A) at any time.
  • Riders may NOT ride in an AGE group that is above their age (i.e. you may NOT race the 40 Class if  you are 38). ID's can and will be regularly checked at sign up. 
  • If a rider wishes to Move DOWN in a class (i.e. down from B to C), he/she must submit a letter to the race director explaining the reason for the request and all results which pertain to the situation. Failure to gain official approval BEFORE moving down will result in loss of points for 1 race OR entire season (based on discretion of race director).
  • These Rules can be changed or amended at Discretion of Race Promoters/Directors at any time
  • Failure to follow ALL WeBe Racing Rules can result in immediate removal from the premises

Pit-Row Rules (Designated ReFueling Area During Race)

  • ALL Pitting MUST be done ONLY in the Designated Pit-Row Area.
  • Pit Crew Members are NOT allowed on the rack at any time, they MUST stay in the designated Pit Crew Area. 
  • Pit-Crew may NOT help rider to get his/her bike off the track and into the Pit-Row Area. Only a machine/bike officially entered in the race, may help the rider to push/pull/tow his/her machine while on the official race track.
  • No Pit-Crew support vehicles may enter the official race track AT ANY TIME. Consequences include disqualification of rider.
  • WeBe Officials may assist the rider with his/her machine if it is deemed necessary for the protection of race entrants, spectators, or pit-crew members.
  • All Pits are Required to have the equivalent of a 20-lb ABC fire extinguisher at all times. The extinguisher must be manned at all times during a pit-stop.
  • No Young Children IN PIT-ROW/RACE CREW AREA
  • Keep Gas in Responsible Containers. Some race sites require the use of Absorbent Mats under the gas containers due to state or federal land restrictions.
  • Pit-Crew Area must be Manned at All Times
  • Pit-Crew and Rider are responsible for cleaning up their immediate Race-Pit area after completion of the race.
  • Rider Assumes Responsibility for his/her Pit Crew and Understands that Penalties for his/her crew will apply to the rider as well, including disqualification and/or suspension if deemed necessary.
  • These Rules can be changed or amended at Discretion of Race Promoters at any time
  • Failure to follow ALL WeBe Racing Rules can result in immediate removal from the premises.

Other Rules

  • You MUST come to the Sign Up Trailer and Sign the Race Waiver BEFORE you ride your motorized bike or machine ANYWHERE.
  • Quiet Hours are enforced in the camp from 10:30 PM - 6:00 AM
    • During Quiet Hours: (No Generators, Loud Music, or Disruptive Behavior)
  • Check if Campfires are Allowed. Camp Fires May Not be allowed at some race sites due to Federal or State Regulations. Campfires are never allowed in the immediate Pit-Row/Pit-Crew Area.
  • NO Pit "Play Riding" at any time. You MAY ride a pit bike WITH a helmet at First Gear IDLE to and from the camp site to the race site IF you have already SIGNED the race waiver at the sign up trailer. 
  • All Pets must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES. Pets are NOT allowed in the Pit-Row/Race-Crew Area.
  • Please PACK OUT any trash. Do not drain grey water at any location.
  • There is no Selling or Vending allowed at the race site UNLESS you have cleared it with race promoters and signed an agreement
  • Our races are a Family Environment - PLEASE respect that 
  • These Rules can be changed or amended at Discretion of Race Promoters/Directors at any time
  • Failure to follow ALL WeBe Racing Rules can result in immediate removal from the premises
  • If you are interested in Volunteering, contact us via email at info@weberacing.com. If you work a FULL day (same hours as crew), we can trade you one free entry fee plus one free practice. Contact us for more info (someone in your family can also volunteer to earn you a free entry). You must contact us WELL BEFORE the event, we have limited spots available.

Rule Infractions and Consequences

The following list of infractions and penalties is only a guideline used by WeBe Racing LLC. This list is not meant to imply that these are the only possible infractions or penalties at a race event. All rules and infractions are subject to the discretion of the race promoters/directors. 

  1. Race Vehicle traveling IN REVERSE DIRECTION on race course, at any time. DISQUALIFICATION
  2. Pit-Support Vehicle traveling ON race course, at any time. DISQUALIFICATION
  3. Abusive conduct towards a Race Official by Rider or Pit-Crew. DISQUALIFICATION AND/OR SUSPENSION
  4. Outside assistance Anywhere BUT the Designated Pit-Row area. DISQUALIFICATION.
  5. Short-Coursing or Cutting the Racecourse. DISQUALIFICATION OR TIME-PENALTY (at discretion of Race Directors)
  6. If you take off on a row PRIOR to one you are assigned (i.e. row number for enduro, or with your class for hare scramble) you will either be penalized or disqualified. If the Race Official or Promoter deems the early start UNintentional you will be penalized 5 minutes PER ROW that you took off early. If the Race Official or Promoter deems the early start to be intentional you will be disqualified. 
  7. Passing in the SCORING CHUTE. Docked 2 positions based on race finish. 

Technical Inspection

  • WeBe Racing LLC reserves the right to subject any vehicle to a mechanical inspection.
  • In the event of a mechanical inspection, the rider will be responsible for removing and/or repairing the requested items to be inspected, as directed.
  • Failure to Comply with Technical Inspections will result in the Disqualification of Race Entrant and vehicle/machine. 
  • Failure to Comply may also result in Suspension at future WeBe Racing Events, at the discretion of the race promoters/directors.

WeBe Rider classes

2019 WeBe Classes/Race Structure

CLASS ..............................ENGINE DISPLACEMENT

Pro AA.....................................All Displacements

250 A/B/C................................0 - 250cc

***Open A/B/C........................All Displacements

***Open A/B/C........................All Displacements

Vet +30 A/B/C..........................All Displacements

Senior +40 A/B/C.....................All Displacements

Super Senior +50 A/B/C..........All Displacements

Super Sixty +60 C....................All Displacements

Women’s Class........................All Displacements

* Sportsman............................All Displacements

** Iron Mini..............................0 - 112cc 2 stk / 0 - 150cc 4 stk

Team Races.............................All Displacements

For Hare-Scramble:

Pro, A and B classes will race for 2 hours based on the leader.

Sportsmen/Iron Mini/Women’s Class & All C classes will race for 1 hour 15 minutes based on the leader.

For ReStart ENDURO: 

C Riders will complete 3 laps

B Riders will complete 4 laps

A & Pros complete 5 laps

YOUTH/Short-Course Classes:

Class.........................................Engine Displacement

50cc, 3 - 6 yrs............................0 -  50cc , 2 stk & 4 stk

50cc, 7 - 10 yrs..........................0 - 50cc , 2 stk & 4 stk

50cc OPEN (3-10 yrs)................0 - 50cc , 2 stk & 4 stk

65cc, 7 - 9 yrs............................51cc - 65cc 2 stk / 51 - 110cc 4 stk

65cc, 10 - 11 yrs........................51cc - 65cc 2 stk / 51 - 110cc 4 stk

65 OPEN (7-11 yrs)...................51cc - 65cc 2 stk / 51 - 110cc 4 stk

85cc, 7 - 11 yrs..........................80cc - 112cc 2 stk / 111cc - 150cc 4 stk

85cc, 12 - 16 yrs........................80cc - 112cc 2 stk / 111cc - 150cc 4 stk

85cc OPEN (7-16 yrs)................80cc - 112cc 2 stk / 111cc - 150cc 4 stk

*** Women’s Beginner..............All Displacements (True Beginners Only)


RMEC Class .........................Engine Displacement

RMEC 16 yrs & Under.................All Displacements

RMEC +45 A/B/C.........................All Displacements

RMEC +55 A/B/C.........................All Displacements

RMEC +70 C................................All Displacements

RMEC Semi-Pro..........................All Displacements

* Sportsman class is for riders of all ability levels that do not want to race for 2 hours. This class races during the 1 hour 15 minute C-class race. NO trophy and NO season points for Sportsman-class.

** Iron-Mini Riders must be 16 years old or YOUNGER. Iron-mini class will ride the FULL COURSE with the C-classes.

*** Women’s beginner class is on the Mini-rider short course. This class is for True Beginners. Once you move up to the Full-course Women's class, you will not be able to race the Women's Beginner class on the Short-course.

Open classes NOW open to ALL DISPLACEMENTS!

NOTE: AS OF 2018: The 200cc C class has been dropped. All bikes 0-250cc can now race in 250cc or Open classes.

Team racing information

Team Race Info

Each Team may be made up of 2 or 3 team members. 

The team race will be 2 hours, based on the leader.

They will race separate bikes with separate transponders. 

The riders will trade off an armband IN THE RACE/PIT AREA.


Cost is $40 PER TeamMate


Pro Team

is made up of the following members . . .

Pro & Pro

Pro & A

Pro & Pro & Pro

Pro & Pro & A

Pro & Pro & B

Pro & A & A

A - Expert Team

is made up of the following members . . .

Pro & B

A & A

A & B

Pro & C

Pro & Pro & C

Pro & A & B

A & A & A

Pro & A & C

Pro & B & B

A & A & B

B - Intermediate Team

is made up of the following members . . .

B & B

A & C

A & A & C

B & B & A

Pro & B & C

Pro & C & C

A & B & C 

B & B & B

C - Novice Team

is made up of the following members . . .

B & C

C & C

B & B & C

C & C & A

C & C & B

C & C & C

WeBe Points explanation

Year End Points: WeBe Racing Series

2019 season consists of 7 races (6 hare scramble & 1 enduro)

To qualify for year end points, you must race in …


We allow ONE DROP. Your 6 top scores will count, no matter how many you race. Lowest Score will be dropped. (See Below for Tie).

Pro’s do NOT receive any drops: ALL RACES WILL COUNT FOR PROS. 

Year End Awards will be Awarded to the following:


Overall A Rider, Overall B Rider, Overall C Rider will be awarded special trophy and will have additional embroidery on Jacket.

TOP 3 Riders from ADULT classes will receive a Custom Trophy/Plaque:

TOP 3 Pros, TOP 3 250-A, TOP 3 250-B, TOP 3 250-C, TOP 3 OPEN-A, TOP 3 OPEN-B, TOP 3 OPEN-C, TOP 3 30+A, TOP 3 30+B, TOP 3 30+C, TOP 3 40+A, TOP 3 40+B, TOP 3 40+C, TOP 3 50+A, TOP 3 50+B, TOP 3 50+C, TOP 3 60+C, TOP 3 WOMEN’S CLASS, 

TOP 3 IRON MINI (Iron Mini class winner also gets jacket)

TOP 3 Riders from each Mini class will receive a Custom Trophy/Plaque:

TOP 3  50cc (3-6y), TOP 3  50cc (7-10y), TOP 3  50cc OPEN, TOP 3  65cc (7-9y),  TOP 3  65cc (10-11y), TOP 3  65ccc OPEN, TOP 3  85cc (7-11y), TOP 3  85cc (12-16y), TOP 3  85cc OPEN, TOP 3 WOMEN’S BEGINNER


TIES in Year End Points will be broken by the following IN THIS ORDER:

A. If one rider earned the same amount of points in fewer races.

B. If both riders raced in same number of races, the rider who finished higher in the last head to head race will win the tie.

All Points and Rules subject to Review or Revision at discretion of Race Promoters AT ANY TIME. 

Year End Points

for Each WeBe Race, Points will be awarded as follows:

1st :  30 pts

2nd : 25 pts

3rd :  21 pts

4th :  18 pts

5th :  16 pts

6th :  15 pts

7th :  14 pts

8th :  13 pts

9th :  12 pts

10th : 11 pts

11th : 10 pts

12th :  9 pts

13th :  8 pts

14th :  7 pts

15th :  6 pts

16th :  5 pts

17th :  4 pts

18th :  3 pts

19th :  2 pts

20th :  1 pt

21st - Last : 1 pt

Frequently asked questions


What is a Hare-Scramble?

A Hare-Scramble is a race format for off-road motorcycles. You will begin on a line with riders in your class. All C, Women's, 60+ and Iron Mini riders will race together for 1 hour and 15 minutes (based off the leader time). All A & B & Pro riders will race together for 2 hours (based off the leader time). Your times will be scored via transponders and the wining times will be posted. 

What is a Restart-Enduro?

A Re-Start Enduro is a series of portions of a track, or a full track lap that is repeated (As is the case with a WeBe Enduro). You will NOT be starting the race on the same row as others in your class. You are racing your own time, not those next to you. You will take off in rows of riders (from 3 - 8 people across)  at a rate of one row every minute. All rows will repeat either every hour (i.e. if the time spacing is an hour and you are on row 23, you might take off at 9:23 & 10:23 & 11:23 etc). C/Wom/60+/Iron Mini riders will race 3 laps, B riders will continue on to do 4 laps, and A & Pros will complete their race after 5 laps. Your race time totals will not be determined until the end of the race. 

How do I get a race/bike number with WeBe?

You will be able to see what numbers are available online when you pre-register. If you have a question about a certain number, please feel free to email us @ info@weberacing.com with any questions. Mini Riders will be given a number with an "M" at the end. They will only need to display the "M" if they choose to ride on the full course in the iron-mini class. They will not need to display the M on the mini course, but they are welcome to. If you want to keep your race number for the next year, you will need to e-mail us between the last race of the season and December 31st. As of January 1st, all numbers that have not been re-reserved will be open to any riders. 

Can I sign up on site??

Yes, you can always sign up on site up to 30 minutes before your race starts. There will be a large red sign up trailer, just come there and we will get you all signed up. 

Am I allowed to camp at a WeBe event?

There is camping available near all of the WeBe events. Please camp responsibly. There are quiet hours that will be enforced (10:30 PM to 6:00 AM - no generators, loud music, or disruptive behaviors). NO PLAY-RIDING in camping areas. IF YOU ARE ON A MOTORIZED BIKE, YOU MUST BE IN FIRST GEAR IDLE, AND YOU MUST HAVE ON A HELMET (parents AND kids).

How do I become a WeBe Sponsor or Advertise with WeBe?

Email us @ info@weberacing.com with the word "SPONSORSHIP" in the subject line. Tell us a little about your company and why you want to advertise with WeBe Racing. We will send you a link with detailed information for our sponsors.

About Us

Who We Are


The Wagner Family, Owners of WeBe Racing LLC, Estd 2003

What We Do


Provide a challenging, changing race series for racers in the SouthWest

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We are passionate about the sport, we want to continue to see it grow